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CORTO MOLTEDO × WDS Monogram Tote Bag Lottery sale notice

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At WIND AND SEA, the CORTO MOLTEDO × WDS Monogram Tote Bag, which was scheduled to go on sale on June 13th (Saturday), will be sold by lottery online.

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CORTO MOLTEDO × WDS Monogram Tote Bag


size: F

【Application period】

Saturday, June 13, 2020 15:00 – Saturday, June 13, 23:59

[ Email winning notification ]

Winners will be notified by email on Sunday, June 14th.

Please note that those who are unsuccessful will be contacted by email to cancel their order.

[How to apply/Details]

Official online shop ( ) Apply from the relevant product page

Each person can only submit one item from all colors.

If we determine that the application is for resale purposes or fraudulently, such as applying for multiple colors, exceeding the limit for the same color, or creating multiple accounts for the same shipping address, we may cancel the application. .

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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■We will notify you of the lottery results to your registered email address. Please note that if you are unsuccessful, we will contact you to cancel your order. Additionally, you may not receive the winning e-mail via docomo, au, Softbank, etc., so if you have a PC e-mail address, please register there.
Customers who have set up domain-specific reception, please set up so that you can receive emails from
Only those residing in Japan can apply, and the order will be shipped to the address entered at the time of ordering. We cannot accept changes to the delivery address or specification of arrival date and time for overseas shipments.
Payment methods are credit card and cash on delivery only. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will check the validity of your credit card (authorization confirmation) at the time of application. Depending on your credit card company, you may receive an email with instructions on how to use your card upon completion of your application, but only those who are selected will process the card payment. For those who are unsuccessful, we will process the cancellation and cancel the reservation of the usage quota. We are unable to confirm the number of days required for communication and processing of cancellation information, so please contact your credit card company.
We cannot accept declines, color changes, exchanges, or returns after submitting an application.
If the product is returned to us by the delivery company after it has been shipped due to an incorrect delivery address or absence, the winning bid will be canceled regardless of the reason.
*We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the lottery results.
We are sorry, but we accept order for only people who live in Japan, and do not ship internationally.

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