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Information of the online lottery to enter WIND AND SEA OSAKA store

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[About advance entry lottery]
WIND AND SEA OSAKA opens on Saturday, October 3, 2020
An online lottery will be held in advance.
The lottery application period will be from 0:00 to 23:59 on Wednesday, September 30th.

[Lottery application]
Please apply from this page .
*A Google account is required to apply.

[About advance lottery]
*Applications can only be made once per person.
*Only the winners will be notified by email on Thursday, October 1st (time to be determined). Please note that we will not contact you if you are unsuccessful.
*Transfer or resale of winning rights is strictly prohibited.
*Even if you win, you may not be able to purchase the product you want. Please note.
*The customer information we receive will not be used for any purpose other than this time.
*By submitting your application, you will be deemed to have accepted the precautions.

[Request when purchasing]
・When entering the store, please be sure to bring the mobile phone or other device that you used to receive the winning notification email to confirm your identity. We will check your email screen (screenshots are not accepted). If you do not show the screen, you will not be able to enter the store.
・On the day of the event, please gather in front of the store 5 minutes before your designated time, and our staff will guide you in your order.
・Please refrain from staying for a long time or causing a nuisance near the store on the day of the event.
- The number of products is limited, so please forgive us if the product is out of stock.
- For all products, we do not accept reservations, reservations, or cash-on-delivery over the phone.
・Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges after purchase.
・If the name on your application does not match the ID you present at the store, you will not be allowed to enter the store. Please note.
- If your contact information is unclear, we may not be able to contact you as a winner, so please be sure to enter your name, contact information, and email address accurately.
・If even one name, contact information, or email address is duplicated, all applications will be invalid.
- We do not accept changes to the information after the application has been submitted or due to mistakes in the procedure.
・The application is valid only for the person in question. Applications made by someone on your behalf will be invalid.

[Notes after lottery]
・Winners will be asked to present a photo ID upon entering the store. (The application will be invalidated if it differs from the content of the application, has typos or omissions, or if the identity of the applicant cannot be confirmed.)
・Winners must present their photo ID and winning email screen when visiting the store.
・Only photo IDs such as driver's licenses with photos, passports, student ID cards, resident registration cards, residence cards, My Number cards, and disability certificates are valid.
- Expired ID cards and copies of ID cards will be invalid.
・Only the winners who applied will be allowed to enter the store. To ensure fairness, under no circumstances will you be allowed to enter the store or pay on your behalf.
・Only 1 account per person.
・Winning does not guarantee that the product you are looking for will be in stock. There is a limited quantity available for sale. We will be selling the items sequentially, so depending on the time you enter the store, they may be sold out. Please note.
・If you arrive after the stated time, the right to win will be invalidated.
・We cannot accept changes to your visit time after winning.
・Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the lottery results, etc.
・We will do our best to provide a smooth service on the day of your visit, but you may have to wait until you can enter the store. Please note.
・Please note that you will not be able to re-enter if you forget to purchase tickets.
・We cannot accept reservations for sales items over the phone.
・Please note that we are unable to provide information regarding the sales volume of each product.
・Please note that we are unable to deliver or store items at the store after purchase.
・If you do not follow the instructions of the staff on the day, your right to win will be invalidated.
- We are not responsible for any troubles between customers.
・Please note that we cannot accept gift wrapping or gift wrapping.

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