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Malbon Golf × WIND AND SEA 2022.4.2(SAT)

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WIND AND SEA x New golf culture brand Malbon Golf from LA
Developing a collaborative collection that projects a subtle Japaneseism

From the apparel brand "WIND AND SEA", which cuts through various trending scenes and constantly presents new proposals, comes the golf brand " Malbon Golf ", which originates from LA and is transmitting a new golf culture that is becoming a hot topic all over the world. (Marbon Golf)" . It will be released on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at WIND AND SEA official ONLINE store , WIND AND SEA NAKAMEGURO, and WIND AND SEA OSAKA. Additionally, to coincide with the release, a 2-day limited POP UP event will be held at the golf goods select shop “CLUBHAUS” in Osaka.

We will develop a collection that proposes fashionable and stylish golf styles that reflect street culture by WIND AND SEA and "Malbon Golf," a golf brand originating from LA that is transmitting a new golf culture that is becoming a hot topic around the world. . “Malbon Golf” is collaborating with mega brands around the world. Although there are few examples of collaboration between Japanese brands, the styles of both brands, which are familiar with street culture, resonated and a special collection was realized.

In this design, the “Malbon Golf” icon, BUCKETS, is boldly featured. In addition, as a Japanese element, the pink color is inspired by cherry blossoms, and a cherry blossom is casually decorated on the left side of BUCKETS's cap. The image source is the green jacket given to the winner at the world golf tournament, and one of the key points is the vivid kelly green coloring that grows on the golf course greens. We also have a wide range of accessories, including sweatshirts, ball sets using Titleist balls (*available only in Japan), and ball tee sets, all designed with original items. The Japanese essence and street style that does not interfere with your daily style or play style is a must-see.

This collaboration visual features models Patricio , a model who enjoys golf, Haruka Okuyama , a talent, Masahiro Sunada from the dance and vocal group BALLISTIK:BOYZ FROM EXILE TRIBE, and Mirai Fukahori. Appointment. The result is a look that is perfect for the upcoming spring golf season.

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