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Introducing a new crew neck sweat collection with brand signature logo design items in 12 colors!
-First vintage specification with gusset detail and distressed finish-

The SEA LOGO SWEAT COLLECTION, available in 12 colors, is the latest in the brand's signature "SEA LOGO" design item from the apparel brand "WIND AND SEA", which cuts through various trend scenes and constantly presents new proposals. We will announce.
The online lottery will start on Friday, December 16, 2022 at the WIND AND SEA official ONLINE store .
It will be on sale from the next day, Saturday, December 17, 2022, at WINDAND SEA Nakameguro store and WIND AND SEA Osaka store.

The SEA COLLECTION features the WIND AND SEA icon and signature brand logo. This time, we are introducing a crew neck logo sweatshirt to the popular collection, which occasionally appears as a brand icon with different bodies, specifications, and coloring.
A pop and street signature logo is designed on the heavyweight body, and ``gusset stitch'', one of the historical details of sweatshirts, is used on the front and back. In addition, 3 of the 12 colors will be designed with a heritage feel, with grunge-style heavy damage crash damage processing. One of the points is that the front logo design of the distressed sweatshirt uses Sagara. With a rich lineup of 12 colors with different color schemes and accents on the front and back, we have created a collection that fits a variety of styles.

VISUAL is a sweat collection that can be enjoyed regardless of genre, with a wide variety of models, including actor Shuntaro Yanagi and model Nico Ando, ​​wearing their own styles.

2022.12.16 (FRI) / 17 (SAT) DROP
Lottery sale item

SEA Damaged Crew neck
Available color: Black・Navy・Ivory
size: S・M・L・XL

SEA Crew neck
Available colors: Black-D.Gray・Lilac-Soil,・Black-D.Violet・B.Blue-Cream・Hyacinth-Ocher・Navy-Ecru・Charcoal-Taupe・Ash-White・Green-Lemon・Stone-Magenta
size: S・M・L・XL

This product can only be purchased through in-store lottery sales at WIND AND SEA NAKAMEGURO and WIND AND SEA OSAKA on December 17th (Saturday), and through lottery sales at WIND AND SEA official online shop on December 16th (Friday) . (No regular sale)

【Application period】
Friday, December 16, 2022 12:00 PM - 17:59 PM (6h)

[Email winning notification]
The results of the lottery will be notified by email on December 19th (Monday) to the email address you registered at the time of application. Please note that unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by email to cancel their order. (Depending on the number of applications, we may contact you the next day.)

[How to apply/Details]
Apply from the official online shop ( ) on the relevant product page.
*Each person can only submit one item of their desired size from one color per application. Entries with the same color but different sizes will not be accepted. (If you wish to receive up to 12 colors, you will need to apply 12 times.) In addition, we may accept applications for resale purposes or fraudulent applications, such as applications exceeding the limit for the same color, applications by creating multiple accounts to the same shipping address, etc. If we decide to do so, we may cancel your order.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.
================================================== ======
■We will notify you of the lottery results to the email address you registered at the time of application. Please note that if you are unsuccessful, we will contact you to cancel your order. Please note that if you select Apple Pay or Shop Pay as a payment method, we will contact you using the email address you registered there. If you use a mobile email address such as docomo, au, or Softbank, you may not receive the email, so if you have a PC email address, please register there.
■Customers who have set up domain-specific reception, please set up so that you can receive emails from @ .
■Payment methods are only credit card, Apple pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and cash on delivery. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will check the validity of your credit card (authorization confirmation) at the time of application. Depending on your credit card company, you may receive an email with instructions on how to use your card upon completion of your application, but only those who are selected will process the card payment. For customers who are unsuccessful, we will process the cancellation and cancel the reservation of the usage quota. We are unable to confirm the number of days required for communication and processing of cancellation information, so please contact your credit card company.
■We cannot accept cancellations, color/size changes, exchanges, or returns due to customer's convenience during the application period, after the application period ends, or after shipping. *We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the lottery results.

<In-store lottery sales method>
2022/12/17 (Sat)
9:30~10:00 Distribution of numbered tickets for entrance lottery tickets
10:00~ Start of lottery ticket lottery for entering the store
12:00~ OPEN
16:00~ General admission time (tentative time)

*An announcement will be made at each store after the lottery ends. Please come to the store and line up according to the staff's instructions.
(Applicable to those who line up in front of the store by 10:00 AM on the day of the event.)

We will distribute numbered tickets to participate in a lottery to determine the order of entry.
As soon as the numbered tickets have been distributed, the lottery will begin, and sales will begin as soon as the lottery is over.
Please note that customers who arrive after 10:00 AM will not be able to participate in the lottery for any reason.
After the numbered tickets are distributed, a lottery will be held to determine the order in which those with numbered tickets will enter the store. Please come back to the store during the time indicated on your entrance ticket.
*In addition, if the upper limit for entrance lottery tickets and numbered tickets has been reached, we may not be able to give you entrance lottery tickets and numbered tickets even if you line up.

<When entering the store>
*Only those who have a numbered entry ticket with the entry guide number listed will have their IDs checked after winning and when entering the store.
*Your identity will be verified when you enter the store, so please be sure to bring two items: your entrance ticket and an ID with your face. We will also record your name here.
When you arrive at the store when we open from 12:00, we will check your numbered ticket, ID card with your face on it, and your name, and if there are no discrepancies, you will be allowed to enter the store.

<Original copy of valid photo ID (copies not accepted)>
・Regarding the type of original ID card, it must be within the validity period of the following 8 items.
1. Driver's License 2. Passport 3. Alien Registration Certificate 4. Special Permanent Resident Certificate 5. Residence Card 6. Basic Resident Register Card 7. Disability Certificate 8. My Number Card (We will collect your My Number Card upon presentation) We will not collect your information. Also, please be sure to cover the number part with a sticker etc. If you present the number with it visible, we may refuse to use it as an ID. ) → All of the above are valid only with an ID with a photo.
→If you do not have an ID, you will not be able to present an expired ID, a copy of your ID, or a photo. If we cannot confirm your identity, the application will be invalidated regardless of the reason.
→If you present multiple IDs other than those listed above, IDs other than 1 to 8 above will be invalidated.

*Please note: We have limited quantities for some products.
・You will not be able to participate in the lottery after 10:00 AM. Deadline is 10:00 AM on the day.
・Please refrain from queuing up early in the morning as it may cause inconvenience to the neighbors.
・Please note that it is expected that it will take a long time for the lottery and sales to begin.
・The lottery will be used to determine the order of entry. Please note that even if you have a winning ticket, you may not be able to purchase the product or size you desire.
・Customers who lose their numbered tickets or lottery tickets will be invalidated. In addition, the numbers of those who left the line and were not able to arrive by the designated time will also be invalidated.
・We may refuse the sale if we find any trouble such as handing over money or goods or stealing items, whether inside or outside the store.
・We will not allow you to re-enter the store when entry is restricted.
・Only the winner will be responsible for accounting. Depending on the situation, we may refuse entry to those accompanying you.
・We are very sorry, but we do not allow customers to try on our products. Please note.
・Please cooperate with the cleanliness of the surrounding area. *Please note that the above sales method and rules are subject to change at the discretion of the staff depending on the situation on the day. Those who line up will be deemed to have accepted the above precautions and will be asked to comply with them. If you do not follow the instructions of the staff or security guard, you will lose all privileges and will be refused entry.
*Please note that we may impose purchase limits per person.
*When visiting, you are required to wear a mask.

Address: Sakamoto Building 1F, 1-6-4 Ohashi, Mekuro-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5708-5757
Business hours: PM12:00-PM8:00 (Closed every Wednesday and Thursday)

*Please note that we may impose purchase limits per person.
*When visiting, you are required to wear a mask.

Address: Minamihorie Building 1F, 1-21-9 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL: 06-6695-7529
Business hours: PM12:00-PM8:00 (Closed every Wednesday and Thursday)

*Please note that we may impose purchase limits per person.
*When visiting, you are required to wear a mask.

□WIND AND SEA official online shop ( )
12/16 (Friday) Lottery sales start from 12:00 PM

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