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23AW Recycled Fishing Net Nylon
23AW WIND AND SEA Recycled Fishing Net Nylon
In response to the current situation of ``ghost fishing'' where fishing nets pose a threat to marine life, and with a shared desire to protect the ``sea'' as the brand name suggests, we have created a new initiative to promote marine environmental conservation by removing discarded fishing nets. This project is to develop recycled apparel products.
We are particular about stabilizing the quality of our apparel items by combining recycled fishing net nylon with regular nylon and cotton.
We use recycled polyester material for the fleece material, and are doing our best to reduce the impact on the environment.
MA-1, mountain parkas, and flight caps inspired by military and outdoor activities are available as fall/winter items while maintaining the new logo design of this project, which is inspired by the sea horizon, which is closely related to the sea.
The collection has been created to be more reminiscent of the sea due to the variety of colors.
With this project as an opportunity, WIND AND SEA will continue to work hard to popularize upcycling systems and help reduce "ghost fishing."

Now accepting pre-orders at the WIND AND SEA official ONLINE STORE.
[Period] November 19, 2023 (Sunday) 12:00 to November 26, 2023 (Sunday) 11:59

In response to the growing concern of 'ghost fishing,' where discarded fishing nets pose a threat to marine life, we have launched a new initiative in line with our brand's commitment to protecting the oceans.
This project involves the development of apparel products made from recycled fishing nets. We have paid special attention to the stabilization of product quality by combining recycled nylon from fishing nets with regular nylon and cotton.
For fleece materials, we use recycled polyester, contributing, yet modestly, to reducing environmental impact.
The project, inspired by the deep connection to the sea and its horizon, introduces a new logo design.
The collection includes MA-1 jackets, mountain parkas, and flight caps, drawing inspiration from military and outdoor styles, perfect for the autumn and winter lineup.
The color scheme of the collection further evokes the essence of the sea.
Through this project, WIND AND SEA is committed to promoting an upcycling system and contributing to the reduction of 'ghost fishing.'
We are dedicated to continuing these efforts in the future.

Pre-orders will be available at the WIND AND SEA official ONLINE STORE.
【Duration】From Sunday, Nov 19, 2023, at 12:00, to Sunday, Nov 26, 2023, at 11:59.