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Partnership with Shay Sandiford
WIND AND SEA meets Skateboarder
“Shay Sandiford” from Los Angeles, CA
Shay Sandiford / Shay Sandiford
PROFILE / Profile
Shay Sandiford was born on October 10, 1997 in Comox, a small town in British Columbia, Canada. Shay is Japanese Canadian and fluent in both language. Shay was selected for the Canadian National Skateboard Team and is currently competing for a spot in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Along with being a professional skateboarder, Shay also created his own jewelry brand, Mixed Emotions. Now based in Los Angeles, Shay has garnered a lot of attention with not only his skating ability but his identity as a fashion icon.

Shay Sandiford was born on October 10, 1997 in the small town of Comox, British Columbia, Canada. She is half Japanese and half Canadian, and is bilingual in both Japanese and English. He has been selected to represent Canada in skateboarding and is competing in various competitions for the right to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. In addition to being an active skateboarder, Shay launched a jewelry brand called Mixed Emotions. Currently based in Los Angeles, Shay is attracting attention not only for her skating ability but also for her identity as a fashion icon.

My name is Shay Sandiford and I'm from Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.Currently living in Los Angeles.

I feel like I've always been a super routine orientated parson.I get up, I read for like 30 minutes.That's before I go on my phone. The I'll make a little matcha drink, go outside, Check my phone, respond to emails, do that kind of stuff. I get my hair braided every week and my haircut every ten days. Thanks to Luwana right here. The reason I started doing this because I notice that when my braids were fresh, I was more likely to be productive. Ready to get clips, ready to get photos, ready to get to work. I'd want to get out filming, shoot photos, talk to girls, whatever it may be, I'd be more inclined to do it .

It's like that feeling when you got a good fit on your just going to move a little different that day. So every morning I go to the gym, I do a small workout. Once I finish up my workout, I like to stretch for a bit. That's usually when I'll text the homies and try to see who skating.

sheesh!! I know, you heard that

With fashion I feel like my style is constantly evolving. I'm exposed to so many different styles and looks every day and from all over the world, really, which I'm able to pick apart and references.

Street culture to me would be expressing myself through an art form. Wether it's skating, music or clothing. It all contributes to the culture. The size I'm wearing now, shirt and jacket are both size XL. My actual size is probably right in between L and XL. But if I'm going for a more oversized look like I'm wearing now, I'll wear an XL

With Wind and Sea what caught my attention right away would have to be the quality the designs and the use of different fabrics. Myself being half-Japanese and honestly loving their sense of fashion. It just made sense for me to partner with the Japanese clothing brand.

I'm super excited to be working with Wind and Sea, and I can't wait to show you guys what we have coming.

I hope you look forward to it

My name is Shay Sandiford. Originally from Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada, she currently resides in Los Angeles.

I think I'm a person who values ​​daily routine. First thing in the morning, I wake up and read a book for about 30 minutes. Then I make a matcha drink and go out on the terrace to check my phone and reply to emails.

I braid my hair every week and get a haircut every 10 days. Thank you Luwana for being here.

I started this braid habit because I noticed that I was more productive when my braids were fresh. For video work, camera shooting, any kind of work. I want to make movies, take photos, talk to girls, whatever it is, I want to be more ambitious.
Even when it comes to daily exercise, if I do a little different movement every day, I feel like my body feels refreshed throughout the day. So I like to go to the gym every morning, do a little workout, and then stretch a little after I'm done. During that time, my daily routine is to text my friends and ask them who is currently skating on the court.

Nice shot! Did you hear that sound just now? The best.

When it comes to fashion, I feel like my style is always evolving. I'm exposed to so many styles and looks every day. And you can choose from a wide variety of styles from all over the world to your liking and use it as a fashion reference. For me, street culture is about expressing yourself as a form of art. Skating, music, clothes, everything is connected to that street culture. The shirt and jacket I'm currently wearing are both XL. The size that best fits my body is probably between L and XL. But if I'm going to wear something oversized like I do now, I'll wear an XL.

When I first discovered Wind and Sea's clothing, I was immediately drawn to it because of the quality, design, and variety of fabrics they use. I'm half Japanese, so I honestly love Japanese fashion sense. So partnering with a Japanese apparel brand makes sense to me.

I'm really looking forward to working with Wind and Sea. I hope everyone is looking forward to it.